Steven Lutvak: The Time It Takes
By Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes

There are sensational singers, and there are sensational songwriters. Then there are those exceptional people who are sensational in both fields, and Steven Lutvak stands with that select group. When it comes to debut recordings, his The Time It Takes is one of the most potent displays of artistry to come along in ages as it offers a dazzling showcase for his many talents.

Listening to The Time It Takes is somewhat like opening the photo album or scrapbook of a friend and being told the stories behind the pictures or clippings. Who, why, when. Childhood hopes and dreams, lost lovers and friends, moments that enriched a life – Lutvak opens his heart and soul as widely as he spreads his arms in one of the inner photos. This is a collection of songs and a performance that will knock you for a loop and linger on and on.

With crisply textured arrangements by producer Joseph Baker backing him, Lutvak's long awaited first recording is nothing less than brilliant.

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